Signalianz Alumni Association

Signalianz Alumini Association (SAA) aims to bring together old and new students of MCS every year to develop a sense of belonging and togetherness. Signalianz Allumini Association was founded in year 2003 and it stands for unity, harmony, social and professional interaction and association. The members include the faculty, staff and the students from all batches new and old. The current number of members exceeds 620. The volunteers include Signalians in Pakistan and abroad.

Signalianz Alumini Association aims to assist and help the members by providing scholarships to the needed ones, arranging seminars and events in order to develop interaction between the members and the organization thus results in better job opportunities. Signalianz Alumini Association also offer social services on voluntary basis from Signalians from Pakistan and abroad.


"To instill a feeling of oneness and to pursue dignified traditions of MCS"


Signalianz Alumni Association holds following plans for the future to make functioning of the association more usable:
  • Signalianz Alumni Association aims to bridge the college and industry by acting as an interface in order to assist signalians in getting exposure to the market.
  • To strengthen the MCS faculty by assisting MCS Administration.
  • Developing a database to provide global avenue for singalians to access.
  • Arranging job placement and internship programs for the ongoing courses.
  • Organizing seminars based on latest technology trends.
  • Arranging short courses, workshops and trainings to provide better and new learning opportunities.